Managing What Platform to Use, Google Ads / Facebook Ads

How do you decide which platform to use Google Ads / Facebook Ads?

Are you guessing? So what’s the difference?

When we use Facebook Ads we will see that you are showing your products / services to users based on their interests.

Whilst on the other hand when using Google Ads we show your products / services to users who are specifically searching for hat you have to offer.

Now lets breakdown each of these platforms;

Google Ads

Google ads is an advertising program created by Google, which allows advertisers to show clickable ads for audiences interested in the products and services they offer in Google's search results.

Google ads is one of the best ways to drive marketing in this world and has transformed dramatically in recent years.

Advertising through Google is one of the most proficient methods of paid online advertising.

Google Ads allows you to take advantage of online advertising for your business growth: show your ads in the right place, at the right time, and to the right people.

Google ads has a way to measure the success of your business:

If someone clicked your ad, you would know.

If someone clicks your ad and purchased your product, downloaded your app, which is valuable to your business, you can track it. By comparing which ads get maximum clicks and which one gets minimum clicks or no click at all, you can also quickly take action to invest in your campaign to boost the return on your investment.

Types of Google Ads:

There are five distinct types of Google Ads: you can choose what is affordable and right for your business. 1. Search Network campaign.

2. Display Network campaign.

3. Shopping campaign.

4. Video campaign

5. App campaign.

In simple words, Google Ads, in addition to boosting clicks, traffic, and conversions, is also an efficient way to introduce your brand to people.

The Bottom Line

Google has massive reach, and Google Ads allows businesses to reach anyone who uses Google to search online for your services and products.

Google Ads has the potential to get a considerable number of people who want exactly what you have to offer if it is used properly. But if you don't currently have a Google Ads account for your business, don't panic we are here to help we are confident we are the right platform that helps you get the most of Google ads and use the platform to its full potential. vs


Facebook is ranked as the King of Social Media, and no doubt there are tons of Facebook benefits your business can reap using Facebook ads. Facebook is a huge platform, also a platform of choice for the majority of marketers for a good reason.

If you are not leveraging the benefits of Facebook ads in the right way, you are probably missing a considerable portion of the right audience means your audience.

According to the latest research about, 1.55 billion people log onto Facebook every month and 1.39 billion visits Facebook via mobile.

This means when Facebook advertising, you can test the limits of ultra-maximum customer reach all you have to do is, connect with them, within this massive pool of people and find your future customers for the growth of your business.

How To Make Facebook Ads Effective:

Facebook connect thousands of people at one platform. To make Facebook ads effective, you have to follow some key points:

1. Make beneficial connections

2. Achieve your business goals

3. Increases your customer attribution

4. By using Facebook ads - increase brand awareness

5. Re-marketing

Facebook has billions of users, and most of them check their page multiple times per day. Facebook is much more targeted form of advertising than you might realize. Facebook ads help your consumers to discover your business. It is one of the cheapest and fastest ways of advertising because you do not need a huge budget and drives immediate results. You can spend $5 and reach about 1,000 people.

Incredibly Powerful

It is said you would be crazier not to use Facebook re-marketing which is the most powerful way to grow your business. Facebook re-marketing, on average, increase conversion rates by two times and boost engagement rates by three times.

The Bottom Line

T.W. Marketing always tries to make it easier for you to promote your business across the world through tools such as Facebook ads. If you are convinced that you need Facebook advertising for your business, make contact with us, we ensure that your business has the best return on investment by applying effective digital marketing strategies.

If you believe you’re in need of help send me a dm or contact us online through

All the best,


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