How to Stay On Top in 3 Ways for 2021!

Innovations that ease the customers' purchasing process are generated daily.

You can face loss of business to people who are doing it, if your company does nothing different.

Steve Jobs said, "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

This means you must evolve if you want to become a leader in your business or niche.

This article cuts through marketing, distribution of goods, retention of customers...

1. Keep The Attention of your Customers

For any company, marketing is very critical. Those companies which survived until 2020

remained in the minds of their customers. If lock-downs are still available in 2021, this may lead to lower revenues for your business not working normally. However, instead, reduce your marketing budget, but you should not stop marketing.

Marketing means understanding, educating, attracting and keeping your customers business with you. All marketing strategies may not lead to clear sales, but sales will eventually occur if you are sufficiently consistent.

Your social media sites should be your best friends in the years to come. Studies indicate that almost 50% of the population in the world uses social networks.

That's over three billion users all over the world.

2. Be able to adapt

After the coronavirus pandemic, which caused what is likely to be the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the market and economic climate will change dramatically.

That's why it's important for leaders to stay open-minded and pursue creative solutions in an unprecedented business environment.

An open mind is the ability to consider variety of facts and viewpoints in order to be more successful. It allows the founder or CEO to deal with changing market circumstances such as a shift in customer spending or a supplier network.

3. Increase ease of contact

It may be as easy as setting up a live chat capability on your website, maintaining a hotline, or even running a Whatsapp community or a social media official account. Still, you need to make it very easy to get in touch with you.

Many businesses have a "Contact us" tab at the top of their website, which leads customers to a form they fill out and send back to them and hopes for a response. As a mail bait, this is an excellent idea, but it's no longer so effective for customer service. The reason is that customers typically see mail as a slow process, and that is usually the case.

You may not need to have 24/7 customer service if you are financially unable to do so, but at least make your open hours clear to your customers and make sure that your awareness of your customer base leads you to choose the correct channel to allow customers to reach you.

Speed is of the essence when contacted.

A recent study by The Social Habit found that 32% of consumers expect a response within 30 minutes when using social media to contact a brand. And 42 percent expect 60 minutes of response time. That gives you an hour's top, mostly to respond to all complaints.

I've found that it's best to make initial contact, clarify the procedure, and buy more time for problems that can't be resolved quickly. This way, the consumers believe they've learned and know something's being worked on.

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All the best, keep striving for better in 2021,

Troye Weston

Founder and Director at T.W. Marketing

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