How Do You See Success in 2021?

What is success and how do we define it?

Success isn‘t easy, with success there are obstacles and with that, we need to overcome these obstacles to find the direction of our future.

Some of the most successful and wealthiest people in the world, didn’t get to where they are today by just ignoring the difficult situations they were faced with.

A lot of the successful people you’ve come to know have been all the way to the bottom just to make it back up.

One great example is Amazon’s Jeff Bezos the founder of starting his business in a small office in his garage.

Now, he wasn’t starting from the bottom as he received an estimated sum of $300,000 from his parents investing into Amazon.

Jeff Bezos wrote up his plan for Amazon on a road trip from New York to Seattle. In 1993 Jeff Bezos had founded Amazon shortly after leaving his position at D.E. Shaw. Amazon was founded to be an online bookstore, however, Jeff Bezos had plans to grow the company and expand. From an online book store to hosting a wide variety of products available worldwide. Jeff Bezos has accomplished a lot in 20 years for Amazon.

Amazon stock is currently sitting at $3,120.83 per share. The company has seen exponential growth in 20+ years. From one man writing a business plan on his road trip from New York to Seattle, putting in his due diligence, dedicating his time and energy into his passion with no excuse but to keep pushing and succeed.

Another great example is Steve Jobs, another familiar name, the late founder of Apple.

Steve Jobs was the child of two immigrants who were working class parents, who struggled to support him and make ends meet. He was shortly taken in by another couple, Paul and Clara Jobs.

From a very young age Steve Jobs was fascinated by computers. 🖥 If you watched his biographic movie “Steve Jobs” playEd by Ashton Kutcher. You would’ve come to know he wasn't too fond of formal education.

After dropping out of college after his first semester, Steve Jobs started working at a video game manufacturing company, Atari. A short while later, he created the first-ever Apple machine co founded by Steve Wozniak. They were able to fund their entrepreneurial venture by doing short untraditional jobs - Jobs sold his Volkswagen bus and Wozniak sold his prized scientific calculator.

$1 million later at 23 years old, Steve Jobs was the youngest person on the Forbes list in th country’s richest people at the time. Without inheriting any family money. He continued to make $10 million by 24 and crossed $100 million by the time he was 25.

Before he passed away at 56 years old in 2011, he was reportedly worth $10.2 billion.

My point here is, no matter your circumstances, no matter what obstacles you face. You will overcome them and continue to succeed and grow through your due diligence, time and energy.

Don’t stop pushing!

All the best,

Troye Weston

Founder and Director at T.W. Marketing

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